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We are Soteria Roofing Specialists

Operating in Bristol, Bath and North Somerset, with over 20 years of experience, both qualified and certified installers of various roofing products.

About Us 

Soteria Roofing provide a complete range of roofing services. Specialising mainly in Domestic and Commercial roofing, however cliché it may sound, ‘If its roofs – We do it!’.

Being professional and transparent, we build trust and gain confidence from our clients. Strong working relationships and clear communication are at the top of our agenda.

The team is made up of dedicated individuals who are passionate about their perfected craft. Ricky Shellard, Director of Soteria Roofing has spent his whole professional life learning from veteran craftsman alike. One namely being his late father, Geoffrey Andrew Shellard.

Having lost his father several years ago; Ricky set out to continue developing the skills he had so lovingly gained from him during thirteen years in the trade together. With the desire to eventually create a trusted, reliable roofing company which will become a household name across Bristol, Bath and Somerset, changing the common attitudes to the construction industry.

Our Name 

After spending many holidays in Greece as well as travelling around the Southern Greek Islands, Greek mythology has always been an interest of Director, Ricky Shellard.

Soteria in Ancient Greek mythology was the goddess of safety and salvation, as well as the preservation from harm. A strong moral message in which our Clients can entrust.

Each craftsman who works for Soteria Roofing has been chosen carefully not only for their master craft but also for their intrinsic belief in the four core values:

Ricky Shellard - Soteria Roofing

Firstly – Timeliness 

Behind the scenes of each project, there is a carefully devised project management system where open streams of communication prove effective in the management of staff and timelines.

Each type of roofing project is catered for, with adequate resources ensuring that Soteria Roofing are able to deliver precise and structured project forecasting, which not only provides our Clients with peace of mind but the highest standards in the shortest amount of time possible.

Secondly – The use of the Highest Quality of Products 

Our workmanship coverage is supported by warranties that back our craft. The labour and installation methods far exceed all of the minimum requirements expected by our warranties.

We pride ourselves that each and every day is the opportunity to learn, perfect and deliver the highest customer service possible.

Care of Our Client’s Property. 

Whether it is a roof replacement or a repair that you require, the task of having any type of work done on your Property is an unsettling time. Soteria Roofing are determined on making the process as least disruptive as possible for our Clients and the property in question, whether that be their family home, an investment property or a Commercial premises.

We always ensure that our craftsman leave the site each evening in a manner in which you expect. Tidy, clean, secure and safe, even in the most destructive phase; such as the ‘stripping of the roof’.
The respect, protection and safety of your property is top of our agenda.


Lastly – Fair Price. 

As all of the previous core values pull together, we are able to ensure that Soteria Roofing is a highly effective labour force. We are determined to keep our costs low where possible and transfer these savings on to our clients.

It is our mission to deliver high quality craft as well as customer service, knowing a client referral is the blood line of any successful business.
As we value the opportunity to deliver on our promises, a fair and competitive price remains a priority in earning your business and showing the worth of having a reliable and strong team.