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Slate & Tiled Roofing

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Slate & Tiled Roofing

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Slate & Tiled Roofing With Soteria Roofing Specialist

Both slate roofing and tiled roofing are classed as generic characteristics to a pitched roof configuration. Tiles and Slates come in all shapes and sizes; fitting the specification of the roof’s degree of pitch or the characteristic of the property. Tiles can be that of clay or concreate and slates can be natural, or cement fibre based.

Soteria Roofing take pride in using only the highest quality products available on the market, which are not only suitable for the property type and age, but do not compromising on the durability and longevity.

tile & slate

One of the products that we are proud to use in relation to Tile and Slate roof construction, is Roofshield.

This unique, three-layer breathable membrane has been created with the application and balance between both science and technology. As a patented product, the benefits of using specifically Roofshield remain second to none. A hardwearing, nonwoven, polypropylene felt, it remains to be the most cost-effective product available on the market. Ensuring that a secondary barrier against rain, wind and snow eliminates interstitial condensation present within a pitched roof. High vapour breathability and air permeability, Roofshield protects the roof cavity from both damp and timber rot without the need for additional unsightly, and often expensive ventilation systems.

Independently tested, certified by both the British Building Association and the New House Building Council, Roofshield is proven to outperform other breathable membranes available on the market.