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Flat Roofing

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Flat Roofing

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Flat Roofing With Soteria Roofing Specialist

Flat roofing can be achieved using a variety of different materials, applied using differing techniques.

Some of these include the following:

• PVC single ply membrane;
• Torch on mineral felt (with the application of heat);
• Fibre glass / GRP; or finally
• Rubber.

Being qualified and competent in all of these applications, alongside many years of experience; it is with great pride that by looking into all aspects and variants of the above products we are able to share our expert knowledge. When deciding on the material and application it is important that the suitability of a particular product is also balanced against
the environmental implications, Health and Safety regulations, lifespan, costings of the products, as well as the benefits and or weaknesses.

With such knowledge we have now narrowed down the above to our preferred product application; which is the PVC single ply membrane. Although we are happy to carry out all of these applications, we have personally found that the overall potential of this material is much higher than some of the others mentioned. Single ply membrane is scientifically proven to have three times the lifespan of any of the aforementioned materials, despite costing thereabout the same. Making it a sensible yet popular choice.

Single ply results in a sleek, modern finish, incorporating all of the relevant science which then achieves a high-quality roofing product.

With a standing seam it can also be used for its aesthetic features as a substitute for Zinc, Lead, and Aluminium; providing the same timeless result.

Our first choice of flat roofing systems is PVC Single Ply Membranes from Logicroof which has trumped the market for the past thirty years. Covering all roofs, of all types and forms, Domestic or Commercial. Public or Private – the Monarplan PVC membrane offers a lightweight waterproofing flat roof system that is not only strong but versatile.

The membrane is fabricated by the lamination of a reinforced fibreglass fabric between two PVC layers. This type of innovating construction boasts excellent physical performance; built to resist the expansion and contraction that occurs naturally over time, as well as superior dimensional stability. It should also be noted that this single ply roofing system is an ideal candidate for new builds and refurbishment projects alike as it is also easily weathering.
It is, therefore, no surprise that when installed by an approved single ply contractor, such as Soteria Roofing Specialists the guarantee covers this system for up to 20 years.