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Lead Roofing

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Lead Roofing

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Lead Roofing With Soteria Roofing Specialist

Lead is a very strong and resilient metal, and it’s resistant to all types of corrosion. This includes pollution and damaging ultraviolet rays. This durable element is capable of withstanding the test of time and in some cases lasting in excess of two hundred years.

Lead roofing is perfect for different environments due to its ability to withstand a variety of temperatures; our fully trained craftsmen are able to achieve flawless installation, in either simple or complex roofing configurations. Lead can be formed into intricate shapes using two different methods; welding and bossing. Not only is it timeless, but it provides complete security from all atmospheric conditions.


Soteria Roofing Specialists are proud to support British manufactured materials and tools wherever possible. When it comes to the Lead sheeting that we use for all of our lead work and detailing; we will only use British Lead rolled lead sheeting as it adheres to the strict British Standard BS EN 12588 for the thickness consistency required for excellence.

The computer controlled process for creating these sheets involves the passing of slabs of Lead between high pressured rollers. The consistency obtained from this method is a predetermined thickness, controlled to an exact measure. Both the thickness and knitted grain structure allow the product to perform accurately whilst in use, delivering a 50 year backed warranty. It should be noted that not all UK manufactured Lead Sheet is manufactured in this way nor to such high quality levels or specification.

Soteria Roofing uses all of the British Lead finishing products, such as the Patination Oil. When used on Lead detailing it ensures a uniform and aesthetically pleasing appearance but also prevents unsightly white carbonate forming on the newly fitted Lead or any of the other building materials adjacent.

As a member of ECOBAT technologies group, British Lead joins alongside the world’s largest producer and recycler of Lead. Handling scrap Lead, responsibly and completely compliant with current guidelines and legislation.

Soteria Roofing Specialists truly believe that being environmentally responsible whenever possible whilst sourcing materials, although may only make a small difference, leads as an example for others to follow.